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Stephanie Corso

Stephanie Corsi

I was born and raised in Houma, La. My father Claude P. Boudreaux was an attorney before becoming part of the oilfield boom in the 70’s.I graduated from Vanderbilt Catholic High in 1973. I have 4 grown sons and have been married to Mark Corso for 26 years. My career started in dentistry in 1982 when I went to work for Dr. Leonard J Pizzolatto III. I was his office manager for 19 years.  I have always loved people. We were like a family..the staff and the patients became my good friends. In 2000, I was offered a job at Trapp Chevrolet with great advancement opportunity. I learned the automobile business and later took that experience to Terrebonne Ford. I recreated the Business Development Center for customer service and remained there till 2005. In 2005 I became a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant. The flexibility and working from home sounded really good to me. In the next 6 months, I had earned 2 cars and had advanced to Director. After 2 years of working from home I decided I wanted to get a part time job to meet new people. I joined the staff of Dr Herbert Alexander. I worked there for the next 2 years. I found this job opportunity with merchant services 3 years ago. I received training from a former merchant services company where I learned the meat and potatoes of the business. I get to share with merchants their dreams of growing their businesses and becoming a successful. I am so happy I am a part of a team of honest people who treat their business partners and merchants with respect and integrity. Since becoming a part of 3 Cord Solution I have become a part of my community to help it grow and prosper. through local clubs such as The Chamber and Houma Rotary Club. I look forward to continuing my commitment to my current and future merchants and business partners!

  • August 19, 2013
  • by mycordso
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